Casbah Cafe 2011 Menus

These menus are a new design for the Casbah Cafe restaurant located in Avondale. The look and feel of the menus needed to be overhauled in order to convey an inviting and thematically appropriate setting in order to go along with the atmostphere of the restaurant. Inspiration grew from the stained glass tympanums above the bar of the restaurant. These ... Read More

Modis Manage Millennials 2013 Campaign

The Manage Millennials Campaign was an initiative to educate recruiters on the myths surrounding Millennials. The campaign consisted of webinars, white papers, and social media awareness. These assets were created according to the visual brand styling of Modis in mind. Staying true to Modis branding is a welcome challenge, as it can be both strict and loose at the same … Read More

Times-Union Media 2013 Media Kit

This is a booklet used to supplement sales consultants with several facts and examples of available rich media advertisement options for, as well as a reference for the various offerings and packages offered by Times-Union Media. View PDF Document View PDF Document