Times-Union Media Website

The Times-Union Media website was developed using Wordpress and showcases the offerings of the Times-Union Media digital media services.

Concrete Treat Website

Concrete Treat is a website done about concrete sealer and blanket. This was done in WordPress and also features e-commerce functionality. A few items changed between the live site and the mock-ups, but for the most part they are congruent.

Katie Caples Foundation Interactive Map

This project was done as my first contract job for Adjective & Co. to be used as an educational tool for organ donation to be used on the Katie Caples Foundation WordPress site. I used stock illustrations for the imagery, and compiled the SVG with the necessary class names for functionality and styling to be delivered using the Mapplic plug-in ... Read More


This is a proposed new look for Jacksonville.com’s event calendar. A completely new look was required in order to facilitate an improved user experience for people looking for things to do around town. This mockup was made before the redesign of jacksonville.com, so creative options were wide open at the time of inception. Eventually this design was launched, but after ... Read More

VendorPass Website

Vendorpass is a Modis property that needed a redesign for the modern era. This was a quick projected that was designed and built from scratch over a period of two days.


For this project I designed the layout and the look and feel of the site, as well as write the initial code and styling of a standalone site for the Drupal developers to theme into the live site. The Florida Times-Union was facing a roadblock of putting the website behind a paywall. Our solution to stave off this action was … Read More